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Students say Goodbye to Social Media

How do you get your students to come off their phones for the day? You bring in the Positive Social team, of course!

Derby High School have had Positive Social sessions for several years and have seen a significant difference – including seeing a big drop in incidents involving social media.

But it was during one visit where we challenged the sixth form students to take back control of social media where we saw one of our biggest impacts.

We’d just highlighted to the girls how the social networks used features such as the “like” button to give users a dopamine hit to encourage them to post more and visit the platform more – and then we issued our challenge:

Could the students go a week without social media?

One brave student stood up.

Then another.

Then another.

And then nearly 40 girls got to their feet.

In the end, several girls went the whole week without phones at all – giving their devices to the school to avoid temptation.

Several more went with no social media and the rest went every school day with no phones.

What a result!

What was equally exciting was how the teaching staff at Derby High School were also challenged to change their behaviour.

Deputy head of sixth form, Sally Goodman, wrote a powerful LinkedIn post about how she’d had to tackle withdrawal symptoms and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) after deleting her social media apps from her phone.

“Thanks for the wake up call.” Powerful words from Sally and great to see teachers being great role models to their students!

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